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About Coco & the Sun

Coco & the Sun was created with the mission to help everyone grow more comfortable in their own skins through exercise. By creating a fun and welcoming environment, we aim to help you get into the habit of moving and sticking with it!


About Coco

Fitness is a passion of Coco's.

She believes through exercising, you will be able to leave your comfort zone, break through your challenge point, and appreciate your own body. She likes to encourage and inspire people to find out the benefits of being active and bring a positive impact to them!

Qualifications & Certifications

  • Certified Personal Trainer

  • IBBFA Barre Certified Instructor

  • BASI Pilates Matwork Instructor 

  • Steelclub Kettlebell Workshop

  • St. John CPR & AED Certificate


About Natasia

Going to the gym used to be very intimidating for Natasia. Each time she managed to drag herself there, she beelined straight to the corner treadmill and hoped that nobody noticed her. It wasn’t until she first stumbled upon a Zumba class back in 2014 that she realized exercising doesn’t have to be boring and intimidating. The music, the smiles, the energy left her wanting for more, and left her eager to spread her love for cardio dance.

Natasia believes that exercise should be just as fun as it is effective. Her students find her energy infectious and her classes fun and rewarding. She has been invited to teach Zumba at IRIS FitFest and at Hong Kong SportsExpo. 

Qualifications & Certifications

  • Zumba Level 1 & 2

  • Zumba Kids & Kids Jr.

  • BarreAmped Certified Barre Instructor

  • Pronatal Pre/Postnatal Education for Group Fitness Instructors

  • St. John CPR Certificate

What we're all about


Feel good physically to feel good mentally and be ready to take on whatever comes your way. 


Our classes are designed with you in mind. Everyone's body, lifestyle, and fitness level are different. We care about getting to know you, listening, observing how you move in class, and providing individual feedback. We are next to you as you progress in your fitness journey. 


Having fun is our secret ingredient for sticking to the habit of exercise. With upbeat music, positive vibes, and an energetic atmosphere, our hope is for everyone to walk out of the studio feeling sweaty and GOOD.

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