In one class, work on both strengthening your muscles and improving your endurance with sculpting exercises, followed by cardio dance. Sculpt uses low impact, dynamic movements to target specific muscle groups. Cardio dance uses simple, repetitive movements to move to upbeat music. This class is suitable for complete beginners to more advanced movers. You don’t have to be a dancer to enjoy this!

*Pre/Postnatal friendly*



This class was designed for those who want to focus on strengthening their main muscle groups. This class is suitable for all levels (and men too!). Barre is a full body workout that uses low-impact, small, pulsing movements to work deep in the muscles. From beginners to the more advanced movers, come expecting to shake and feel the burn from your thighs all the way up to your arms!

*Pre/Postnatal friendly*



This class was designed for those who want an extra challenge. ‘HIIT’ stands for High Intensity Interval Training, a workout that combines short bursts of intense exercise followed by short breaks, highly effective for burning calories, while also building strength and endurance. This class is suitable for all levels.