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Alice Lee

I used to have a lot of knee issues - frequently injuring it and needing to do physical therapy. But after taking Coco’s barre classes that focus a lot on strengthening the core and other muscle groups, there have been very obvious improvements to my knee! I no longer need to do physio regularly! Thanks to Coco’s barre classes, there have been permanent positive changes to my body. I highly recommend her classes!


Sharon Lam

Nat is a great barre instructor. She brings as much energy to her classes as she puts thought and detail into her choreography routines. She is also heavily invested in helping her students improve, and helps them with posture and form in order to get the most out of each session. The result is a class that is challenging, yet simultaneously fun and rewarding. Coco & the Sun is definitely something I look forward to after a stressful work week!


Lisa Liu

We love private barre class with Coco! To have barre classes with your friends and Coco is fun, challenging an empowering. The session definitely requires balance, coordination and core strength because there are many different kinds of workout in the class. Modification is provided so it would be possible for a beginner to attempt it. Would highly recommend this class!


Ting Ting Yang

Natasia’s energy is infectious and I can always count on a great, creative & fun workout with her. She makes something as intimidating & painful as Barre enjoyable. No judgment, just patience and encouragement. Through attending Natasia’s BarreDance and Barre programs, I feel stronger, whether it is honing those micro muscles we often overlook, improving my cardio, or holding planks longer. I always look forward to every new challenge she gives us in class and wholeheartedly recommend Coco and the Sun.


Karena Lau

I love Coco and Natasia how chill and focused when we workout together!! I am a very lazy person and you gals are the one who made me feel motivated to workout again. Thank you for giving me all the positive vibes every week️!

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